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Mid-States Car Wash Solutions takes great pride in providing SALES, INSTALLATION and SERVICE of automatic car wash equipment from these fine manufacturers:  

Belanger Kondor In Action

Belanger Kondor

The new Belanger Kondor® touchless automatics deliver an updated wash experience, for new and existing bays alike. The KL1 (1-Arm) offers the smoothest one-arm operation ever, while the KL2 (2-Arm) further increases navigational certainty and allows simultaneous chemical application and rinsing. Innovations include a less intrusive, compact carriage head, and installation options for almost every bay size.

What’s more, every Kondor® is built to impress. The narrow overhead rails form an ‘inverted runway’ that helps drivers get in position. The compact carriage head helps users feel safer, and eases diagnostic and service procedures from just two ladder positions. The Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms reset themselves in all four directions. A stainless steel carriage frame is available based on operator preference.

The Kondor® is designed to clean, and built to keep cleaning. So every Kondor® includes essential solution delivery injectors – including two presoaks and a wax application. Other application options include Triple Foam, Spot-Free Rinse, additional waxes, and bug spray. The galvanized travel rails and proven 25HP motor with CAT 35/35 Pump help ensure an extended service life and ROI.

Increase appeal with branding options and functional lighting. Available white carriage housings and colored branding panels with custom logos are perfect for site branding. Optional ‘Active Site Marketing’ Wing Covers cycle through 6 backlit colors to attract customers off the street and onto your site. And the available LED Navigation System illuminates the wash arms with RGB color changing lights to help drivers quickly position their vehicles.

Belanger Spin Lite In Action

Belanger’s New Spin Lite Wash 

Today, new developments stand to redefine the wash experience yet again — including foam wash media designed to clean while spinning as low as 30 RPM. To achieve this, this new style of media uses self-supporting, thick foam arms that retain their working diameter at any RPM — even at rest. This means wash wheels can now spin right at the RPM that produces optimal washing results. There is no requirement to spin the wash wheels at a certain RPM, just so the media can reach the vehicle surface.

The ability to wash at much lower RPMs has many benefits. For one, in-car noise levels are drastically reduced — peaking at just 79 dB. Because decibel levels are logarithmic, not linear (a reduction of approximately 10 dB represents a perceived halving in volume), this is less than one half the perceived loudness of the 94 dB peak heard with conventional media at 90 to 100 RPMs. When we reduce in-car noise levels this dramatically, customers notice. For the first time, they can listen to music, talk to each other, and interact with their kids and family in ways they couldn’t before.

Belanger Saber In Action

Belanger Saber

An industry first, the Saber® touchless automatic features the LED Navigation System™ illuminated dual wash arms with RGB color changing LED lights. The LED lights flash GREEN to encourage customers to ‘pull forward,’ BLUE for ‘back up,’ and RED so they ‘stop’ for washing. This patent-pending technology helps drivers confidently and quickly position their vehicles in the wash bay.

The Saber® by Belanger is a commitment to your in‑bay success. Designed for rapid and sustained return on investment, the Saber® is ‘Wash and Dry Ready’ with standard features that include Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms, DuoDry® system, triple foam pods and complete solution delivery system!

Feature Benefit
LED Navigation System™ Features illuminated dual wash arms with RGB color changing LED lights to help drivers confidently and quickly position their vehicles in the wash bay
DuoDry® System Provides both drive-thru and on-board drying, for maximum throughput and menu package flexibility
Timeless Dry™ Simultaneously dries the vehicle as your optional RO system rinses it clean for faster throughput
Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms Reset themselves automatically in case of accidental vehicle strikes, maximizing wash bay uptime
XR Triple Foam Dedicated triple foam pods maximize the ‘show’ and provide complete coverage for this popular extra service option
Complete Solution Delivery System With dual presoaks, triple foam and two wax applications, the Saber® equips operators to wash cars profitably
High Vehicle Output Software Applies chemical in either direction, and enables the operator to eliminate the ‘butterfly’ action of the arms on select passes, to increase throughput



Belanger Free Styler In Action

Belanger Free Styler

While floor-mounted rollovers can feel claustrophobic, the FreeStyler® is different. Its overhead gantry design opens up the wash bay, speeds up loading and increases throughput.

Once each vehicle is loaded, the effective five-brush system delivers a thorough clean, and unsurpassed throughput among soft-touch in-bays.

The available HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® provides multiple revenue generators in one exciting package. The HydroBlade® surrounds the vehicle with 10 high-pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of ‘nooks and crannies,’ creating a soft-touch/high-pressure ‘combination wash’ customers will gladly pay more for. Included with the HydroBlade®, or available separately, the Wheel Stinger® delivers focused wheel cleaning with 15 high-pressure nozzles per side and on-board Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs).

A Simple Decision for Operators.

The unique overhead gantry design of the FreeStyler® has another benefit, too. It keeps the wash gear up and away from dirt and water – preventing the grit and ice related failures that plague floor-mounted rollovers.

To maximize reliability and savings, Variable Frequency Drive motors provide soft starts, delivering prolonged equipment life and reduced peak energy costs. Rugged motor-and-gearbox units are epoxy coated, and floating mounts minimize bearing loads, extending component life.

For peace of mind, all wash wheels simply push out of the way in the case of an accidental drive-off, eliminating potential vehicle and equipment damage. The patented pivoting top wheel floats out of harm’s way, avoiding possible damage associated with competitors’ guillotine-style top wheels. What’s more, the optional Whisper Wheel® top wheel fill runs quietly, increasing customer perception of a thorough, yet gentle wash process.

With the FreeStyler®, Wash Cars Your Way.

Because every car wash is different, FreeStyler® owners can choose from many popular options to enhance the customer experience. These include the popular treadle-free VPS Virtual Positioning System® and powerful dryers, as well as revenue-generating add-ons such as:

  • Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® and Onboard CTA
  • Triple Foam
  • Sealer Wax
  • Drying Agent
  • Bug Spray (with floor-mounted manifold)
  • Onboard & Freestanding Vehicle Dryers
  • DuraShiner® CF tire shiner


Belanger Insta Kleen In Action

Belanger Insta Kleen

Belanger’s Insta-Kleen™ is a high volume drive through fleet wash system that is engineered for continuous reliable performance. Whether you offer vehicles for rent, lease, or sale, the insta-KLEEN’s fast, superior wash results will help keep your vehicles looking their best. Built for heavy-duty use, ultimate cleaning speed, and ease of installation, the insta-KLEEN™ delivers maximum performance with every wash. We use only the highest grade materials, like aircraft-grade aluminum, high-density plastics, and state-of-the-art electronics to ensure that your wash is up and running when you need it. The insta-KLEEN™ system can easily take the punishment of washing large volume vehicle fleets with consistent reliable results each and every time.

As with all Belanger wash systems, the Insta-Kleen™ is designed around a very flexible wash configuration model that enables you, the customer, to build the wash solution that best meets your needs.

In fact, it is easy to add a conveyor, additional wash components, dryers, or chemical applicators to further expand your options. Then turn your investment into an additional revenue center and gain the upper hand over your competition.

System Includes:

  • Guide Rail
  • Quad Wave Mitter™
  • Gyro Wrap™
  • Chameleon® Arch Rinse
  • Photo Eyes

Complete Backroom:

  • Insta-Kleen™ System Control Center – ICC

Optional Equipment:

  • DuraTrans® XD
  • Conveyor Correlator
  • Prep Jet Systems™
  • Titan VPS™
  • Chameleon® Arch Vehicle Prep
  • Multi-Purpose Arch™
  • Rain Arch™
  • Wave Low Side Washer™
  • Wave Full Side Washer™
  • Wave Across™
  • Whisper Wheel®
  • AirCannon™ Dryer
  • MixStir®


D&S Logo

IQ Soft Touch In Action

D&S Car Wash Systems – IQ Soft Touch

Innovation + Quality = IQ 2.0 Soft Touch

When it comes to tackling the demands of everyday car wash customers, the IQ 2.0 Soft Touch delivers. Ingenious technology, remarkable wash quality and even greater efficiency make this D&S wash Smarter, Cleaner and Greener.

A high-tech 3-D scan profile of every vehicle is captured along with “mapping” details like the luggage rack and spoilers. The IQ 2.0 washes best because it knows the unique size and shape of every vehicle being washed in the bay. With the FAST IQ 2.0, you will really appreciate the wash times and the ability to thoroughly clean more vehicles than ever before. Wash speed and menu programming is also fast and easily managed from your laptop, iPad or smart phone. The tech savvy IQ 2.0 is web enabled so you can get basic information like daily wash counts, service issues and faults. Program updates and troubleshooting is easily performed over the web. D&S leads the way with the latest proprietary software and more powerful microprocessor to keep you connected at all times. Full color touch screen included!

The IQ 2.0 provides a highly efficient and safe custom wash for everything from Mini Coopers to dually and full-sized pickup trucks. We’re soft, but not understated. Thanks to soft closed cell foam brushes, the IQ 2.0 quietly and gently cleans the vehicle. Longer brushes reach those hard to clean areas at the rear of the vehicle. The Pre-Soak and Tri Color lather covers every vehicle in a bath of foam cleaner. The IQ 2.0 is packed with features and options to put on a show for the kids, clean the family vehicle like never before, and increase your profits.

The fit and nimble IQ 2.0 delivers on performance while consuming less power, water and chemicals. In fact it boasts one of the lowest costs of operation available. Earn more washing the same amount of cars and achieve a healthier bottom line with the IQ 2.0. Rising energy prices created a need for energy-efficient motor control. The IQ 2.0 electric drive provides the solution to control costs. Low amp electric driven motors with VFD control manage input power based on system demand and use only the energy required by the driven equipment. Eliminate environmental concerns now and in the future with the eco-friendly design of the IQ 2.0. It’s energy efficient, and its decreased wastewater effluent reduces pollution. Connect to any reclaim system for recycle and gray water reclamation and go green.



IQ Touch Free In Action

D&S Car Wash Systems – IQ Touch Free

  • Vehicle mapping and profiling technology
  • Color touch-screen interface
  • Web-based notifications and access
  • Intelligent door controls
  • Pickup dryer cancel logic
  • Stainless steel and lightweight aluminum construction
  • High-impact turbo nozzles
  • Synchronous belt drive
  • Invisible Treadle™
  • All electric drive  with VFD motor control
  • Ultra-compact pump stands
  • 7’6″ vehicle clearance decal
  • Integrated voice and horn instructions
  • Spot free and one additional water source connection
  • Standard 1 year parts warranty
  • Up to 15′ bay width wall mount overhead rail system
  • Dynamic energy chain
  • Off board Stop/Go/Back-up light in bay
  • 200 PSI chemical pumping system
  • HydroFlex injector system (includes foaming detergent applicator, clear coat applicator, and spot-free control)



i5000 Touch Free In Action

i5000 Touch Free

i5000 Touch Free Base Model Features


  • Perfect for small bays
  • Pumpstand requires only 12 square feet
  • Wall-mountable hydraulic power pack

Construction & Functionality

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Self-driven side spinners (no belts/pulleys)
  • Springless gantry drive
  • Single-pump, pumpstand
  • Hydra-Flex injector system
  • Intuitive, simple door-mounted touch screen interface

Flexible Wash Programming

Recipes can include 1 to 10 passes — for each pass, the following parameters are programmable:

  • Wash function
  • Speed (normal or slow)
  • Stopping point (top or bottom)
  • Dwell time
  • Soak time

Enhanced Safety Logic

  • With the Intelligent Door Controller the door eyes enhance safety by preventing the gantry from coming down if a vehicle is blocking the door eyes
  • Blockage of one of the gantry eyes will not terminate the wash; rather the system will remember that location and continue the wash without going past that point
  • Active Telco eyes throughout wash



Istobal M’NEX in action

Istobal M’NEX

The new “M’NEX22” model combines the highest quality wash with an innovative and attractive new design. A rollover with great possibilities thanks to the modular philosophy of its design. This unique feature means a long list of optional extras can be added to the standard M’NEX22 to make it the most complete and reliable of machines.

Configuration of up to 15 different programs with complete flexibility and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer. A silent, gentle yet effective wash, designed to pamper the vehicle. Perfect control of the pressure applied by the three brushes makes this possible.

The new generation of M’NEX Rollovers is outstanding in so many ways and all of them important for our customers because it has a virtue which makes it different: its adaptability. The systems of this range have been designed and developed to cover each and every need, and have infinite optional items to create the perfect machine.

Istobal Tracer in action

Istobal Tracer

Istobal, one of the world’s largest automatic car wash manufacturer’s, is proud to introduce the Tracer OH 1; an overhead inverted “L” touch free automatic. Since 1950, Istobal has been designing, engineering and manufacturing some of the world’s finest automatic car washing systems. Our recent purchase of Magic Wand has produced a dynamic team, rich with history and experience, the team accelerates what we call ISTOVATION!

Our proven process and commitment to wash operators across the world, producing machines that are affordable, reliable and productive, giving years of consistent results and profits for their owner’s. The Tracer OH 1 exceeds our expectations; creating features and a total cost-of-ownership, which offers wash operator’s the opportunity to create a profitable business, while conserving our natural resources.